1-2 November 2018

Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum –
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Bulgaria, Sofia, 6A Moskovska str.

Thursday                                                                   1 / 11

9:30 – 10:00 Registration
10:00 Opening
10:1512:15 SESSION 1 | Chair: Lina Gergova
  Cengiz Haksöz (USA)
Commemorative Fountains as Transborder Memoryscapes: The Türkan Çeşme Fountains in Bulgaria and Turkey
Onur Akbulut & Yakin Ekin (Turkey)
The Tourism Potential of Balkan Wars’ (1912-1913) Battlefields: A Comparison of Turkey and Bulgaria
Bojidar Alexiev (Bulgaria)
The Media Reports on the Opening of the Restored Church “St. Stefan” in Istanbul as a National Commemoration
Nikolai Vukov (Bulgaria)
The Trespassing of Multilayered Borders and the Issue of Time Distance: Transborder Commemorative Visits in the Perspective of the Historical Temporality
12:1513:30 Lunch
13:3015:30 SESSION 2 | Chair: Stefan Dechev
  Lina Gergova & Yana Gergova (Bulgaria)
Official and Informal Commemoration Routes Towards Sts Cyril and Methodius’ Heritage
Olimpia Dragouni (Germany)
Religious and Non-Religious Tourism to the Town of Ohrid: Sveti Naum as a Shrine Contested by Nations, and Shared by Religions
Onur Akbulut & Yakin Ekin (Turkey)
An Examination of the Battles (1910-1922) between Turkish and Opposite Parties with Site Sacralisation Theory
Lozanka Peycheva (Bulgaria)
Concert Practices of Bulgarian Cultural Heritage’s Presentation Abroad (the Case of Ilia Lukov)
15:3016:00 Coffee break
16:0018:00 SESSION 3 | Chair: Mariyanka Borisova
  Liana Galabovа (Bulgaria)
Sociocultural Roles of Transborder Eastern Orthodox Christian Pilgrimage in Rethinking of Sacral Elements of Bulgarian National Identity
Grigor Har. Grigorov (Bulgaria)
Constructing National Territory through Ritual
Elena Aleksandrova (Bulgaria)
Commemorative Celebrations and Worship in Connection with the Ilinden-Preobrazhenie Uprising in 1903
Stefan Dechev (Bulgaria)
Commemoration after Silence: Тhe Worships on the Pogrom in Bosilegrad Region (May 15-16 1917)

Friday                                                                         2 / 11

10:00 – 12:00 SESSION 4 | Chair: Тanya Matanova
  Richard Witt (Greece)
Singleminded Multitasking: Henry the Lion Visits the Lands of the East Roman Empire in 1172
Nevena Dimitrova (Bulgaria)
Crossing Borders: Maria Skobtsova and Russian Émigré in Paris on Routes to Freedom
Plamena Slavova Stoyanova (Bulgaria)
Yatra – Indian Pilgrimage among Foreigners (Case Study)
Evelina Hein (Bulgaria)
The Cult of Mount Taishan beyond the Borders of PRC – Projection of the Center for the Ethnic Han Chinese
12:00 – 13:30 Lunch
13:30 – 15:30 SESSION 5 | Chair: Nikolay Vukov
  Mare Kõiva & Andres Kuperjanov (Estonia)
Visits across Border, Secular and Sacral Integration based on the Mõla/Maly Church
Mаriyanka Borisova (Bulgaria)
Constructing Bulgarian Culture Heritage Abroad: Mikulchitse (Czech Republic) as a Pilgrimage Centre
Тanya Matanova (Bulgaria)
Journeys to Mount Athos – Motives and Bulgarian Places of Worship
Valentin Voskresenski (Bulgaria)
Transborder Religious Commemorations and Pilgrimage – The Case of Bulgarian Catholics
15:30 Closing discussion